Large Freeze Dried Dog

Do you know that some taxidermist and pet preservation facilities freeze-dry entire pets whole
or only remove the internal organs? By doing this, they can not remove the fat tissues from the main
body and other parts of the pet. The fact is, fat is an oil and it does not freeze-dry, so in time will not only
turn rancid resulting in bad odor, but will also leach out from the skin as we have personally seen in
others work. By then it's to late to do anything with this. It's an absolute shame when we get a phone call from
someone that had a pet preserved from even well known preservation facilities and there is oils and grease
leaching out from the skin or that it has permanent offensive odors from going rancid or usually both.
FACT: Freeze Driers remove only moisture (H20), they do not remove fats and oils, these are solids, not a vapor.
This is not pet preservation, it's temporary, so don't be fooled
or disappointed in just a couple short years!

We know that all cats and dogs along with some other pets have a fat layer along the skin line on the main body.
Although our procedure may seem invasive to some, it's not really any different than surgery at the vets office,
and even though it's more work on our part, it's a vital and necessary step in preserving your pet the proper way.
So if your preservation facility is simply freeze drying your pet whole or only removing the internal organs,
you could be in for a real disappointment in as little as 2 short years. It might look good when you receive your pet,
but given some time that oil and fat is disastrous as well as disappointing.
This is not pet preservation, it's temporary, so don't be fooled
or disappointed in just a couple short years!

So when choosing someone for preserving your pet, please, make sure they are removing all of the fat.
Here at World Fauna's Pets Forever, we are committed to preserving your pet the right way by combining
conventional taxidermy and freeze-dry methods since 1985, so that your pet with our extensive experience in
pet preservation, and proper care, will be preserved forever and not just a couple years.
Please review our extensive gallery of over 140 photos of our pet work and
compare our numbers and experience to anyone out there!
Hundreds of happy and returning customers can't be wrong!

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