What to do if you suffer a loss...

1. Wrap your pet in a towel and place in a plastic bag and freeze immediately.

2. Leave in freezer for at least a day or two to freeze solid and 3 to 4 days 
    especially for larger pets over 10 lbs.

3. Feel free to contact us for packing and shipping instructions, or follow #4.

4. Using either wadded newspapers or insulation materials, package your pet
    in a durable cardboard box or rigid cooler to use in shipping, but be sure to
    use plenty of insulation material around your pet.

5. Always ship on a Monday using Federal Express or UPS and ship 2nd day air
    in warm summer months.

6. Be sure to contact us on the day you ship so that we can expect the day of
    arrival of your pet.

7. Please include with shipment, any photos that may assist us in posing your pet
    in any position you desire.

Ship to:
World Fauna Taxidermy Studio
129 Main St.
Aguilar, Colorado 81020

(719) 941-9998 or (719) 941-4008