Turkey Heads by World Fauna

We've got your number!

Not all turkey heads are the same, from the smaller
Jake to the largest of the "Meat Head" Toms, wattles,
snoods, crowns, color and texture are different.

At World Fauna, the turkey head you send in is the
head you get back. Each head is numbered
through out the process and not mixed into a batch.

Your hunter deserves to get his/hers original
head size and shape back.

We also buy your extra turkey heads.
Please call 719-941-4008 for details
or email: steve@ huffmantaxidermy.com
Freeze Dried turkey head strutting strut taxidermy mount
Full Strut
Freeze Dried turkey head Gobbling taxidermy mount


Your Turkey Heads
Freeze-dried any pose
unpainted $70.00
painted $115.00
(Open Mouth with tongue $10.00 extra)

Purchase our stock
Freeze-dried Turkey Heads
any pose
unpainted $80.00
painted $125.00
(Open Mouth with tongue $10.00 extra)
Freeze Dried turkey head Flying taxidermy mount

Flying Snood Down

Half Strut

Freeze Dried turkey head walking taxidermy mount

Walking Snood Up

Standing Snood Down


Freeze Dried turkey head standing taxidermy mount

Standing Snood Up

Freeze Dried turkey head Ocelated Flying taxidermy mount

Flying Ocelated

Freeze Dried turkey head dead game taxidermy mount

Hanging Dead Game

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