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Huffman Taxidermy LLC
      Welcomes you to browse our online gallery of wildlife art and taxidermy
services. We always carry a large inventory of stock mammals and birds to offer
here online as well as through both of our studios. If you’d like to be notified via
email of new items for sale, simply join our growing list of satified customers by
clicking the above "Join email List" link. We also want to welcome the taxidermist
to browse our services in conventional Bird mounts.
Freeze-dry service to include
Turkey Heads, (both painted and unpainted) Velvet Antlers,
"Pets Forever" featuring Pet Preservation Services.
*** Attention Taxidermist, Retailers, and Individuals ***
We offer quanities of taxidermy birds for re-sale in your stores.

Need taxidermy work done?
Birds, Pets, Turkey Heads, Velvet Antlers & Freeze-dry
For a complete price list, please call 719-941-4008 or 719-941-9998
You can also request a price list by email at
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