My wife, Vicky and I both welcome you to our website of Wildlife Art, Sales, Conventional Taxidermy
 Services, Pet Preservation, and Freeze-dry Service. I personally have a long history in taxidermy dating back
  to 1968 when I shot my first woodduck hunting with my Dad. He mounted that duck for me 40 years ago
  and I still have it today, still in the same condition as the day it was mounted, and cherish that bird today. I
  worked in his taxidermy shop in Michigan before I was old enough to drive a car
  and have fond memories of that time. My wife and I have owned
and operated Huffman Mammal Taxidermy Studio for over 18
  years now and I personally have 30 + years experience in
  Taxidermy. My Dad retired in 2005 after a life time of
  successful taxidermy business. My wife and I purchased
       his business from him and combined World Fauna
           Taxidermy Studio into our company.

        Huffman Taxidermy LLC is now the proud owner
     of both Huffman Mammal Studio and World Fauna
    Taxidermy. We pride ourselves in the very finest of
   show quality taxidermy pieces with our combination
  of knowledge in the business,  professional staff and
        decades of experience.

   Our hope is that you'll enjoy the Quality and Longivity
   of your special Taxidermy Mounts the way we do with
     my 40 year old woodduck.

                                          Steve and Vicky Huffman